Hegemony and Socialist Strategy

Towards a Radical Democratic Politics – Book Discussion Every Other Monday Jan 29, Feb 12, and Feb 26, 2018 6-8 PM “Is there a power that is not always already fucked up?” – Always Already Podcast Critical Theory Chicago is hosting a book discussion about Hegemony and Socialist Strategy by Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe….

The Human Condition – Discussion Series

Critical Theory Chicago has had a few events discussing the works of Arendt, and most recently The Human Condition. Since there has been enough interest, here is the rest of the book broken up into a series of discussions. Please join us. Sessions to Join and Sections to Read You can view the CTC calendar,…

Labor and Life – A CTC Discussion

[T]he daily fight in which the human body is engaged to keep their world clean and prevent its decay bears little resemblance to heroic deeds; the endurance it needs to repair every day anew the waste of of yesterday is not courage, and what makes the effort painful is not danger but its relentless repetition….

What is the Private Realm to a Political Philosopher?

For thinkers faced with the reality of extreme connectivity in the era of the internet, the thin lines we’ve drawn between the public and private are all the more interesting. Though this connectivity is indeed a new way of being in many ways, these concerns with the ramifications of the sorts of boundaries drawn to…

The Human Condition

“The modern world, in which we live today, was born with the first atomic explosions. I do not discuss this modern world, against whose background this book was written. I confine myself, on the one hand, to an analysis of those general human capacities which grow out of the human condition and are permanent, that…