Intellectuality, Democracy, and Machines: Paolo Virno and Karl Marx Readings

Paolo Virno and Karl Marx Monday January 13, 2020 6-8 pm Harold Washington Library 6th Floor North Study Room For this session we will read Marx’s “Fragment on Machines” from the “Grundrisse” and Paolo Virno’s “General Intellect” related to the fragment, intellectuality, contemporary capitalism, and democracy. Join us. “As part of the Historical Materialism research…

Marx Seminar – “Das Kapital”

Reading Kapital Part VIII “The So-Called Primitive Accumulation” Monday June 9th 6-8pm at the Harold Washington Library in the North Study Room RSVP Via or email “Production of surplus-value is the absolute law of this mode of production.” “The relative mass of the industrial reserve-army increases therefore with the potential energy of wealth….

Labor, Fertility, and Property – CTC Arendt Discussion

[…] labor became the source of all productivity and the expression of the very humanity of man. -The Human Condition pg 101 To understand labor, property, and wealth in modernity, we will discuss how these came to be understood by the great political thinkers of modernity – Locke, Smith, Marx, and Arendt. To continue our…

Labor and Life – A CTC Discussion

[T]he daily fight in which the human body is engaged to keep their world clean and prevent its decay bears little resemblance to heroic deeds; the endurance it needs to repair every day anew the waste of of yesterday is not courage, and what makes the effort painful is not danger but its relentless repetition….