Derrida: Specters of Marx

This year is 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall. Published in 1993, 4 years after the fall of the wall, Spectres de Marx wrestles with the fate of Marxism at this point in history.

“The purpose of these two volumes, Specters of Marx and Whither Marxism? is to begin to address questions about the connection between the death of communism and the fate of Marxism. The volumes raise these questions in an international and inter- disciplinary context. Their goal is not simply to produce another postmortem on Marxism, nor is it simply to defend Marxism against its critics. Rather, these volumes, each in its own way, explore the effects that the global crises engendered by the collapse of communism has had on avant-garde scholars, many of whom have lived through and often participated in these transitions themselves.”

– Editor’s Introduction, Specters of Marx 1994 from Routledge Classics

Should you be interested in Marxism, Derrida, deconstruction, and some conversation please join us for as much or as little as you are able to. Here is the schedule of readings:

Add the events to your calendar:

All events, except for Labor Day, are at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago, IL. We meet in the 6th Floor North Study Room every day except Nov 11th. On Nov. 11th we will be in the 6th floor SOUTH study room.

August 19:

Editor’s Introduction, Note on the Text, Exordium, and

Chapter 1 through page 29 (up until the paragraph that starts “The disjointure in the very presence of the present”)

September 2: Labor Day !!NOTE THE DIFFERENT VENUE!! Venue: TBD

Chapter 1 (2nd day) pages 30 through 61

September 16:

Chapter 2

September 30:

Chapter 3

October 14: Indigenous People’s Day

Chapter 4

October 28:

Chapter 5 through page 186 (up until the paragraph that starts “Let us situate ourselves for a moment in that place…”)

November 11: Veterans Day


Chapter 5 (day 2) to the end of the chapter

Text is available online, at your local library, a used bookstore, or as a PDF here:

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