Deleuze and Guattari: What is Philosophy?

D & G: What is Philosophy?

Every other Monday from 6-8 pm

At the Harold Washington Library

We meet in the 6th Floor North Study Room

“Deleuze and Guattari differentiate between philosophy, science, and the arts, seeing as means of confronting chaos, and challenge the common view that philosophy is an extension of logic. The authors also discuss the similarities and distinctions between creative and philosophical writing. Fresh anecdotes from the history of philosophy illuminate the book, along with engaging discussions of composers, painters, writers, and architects.” – Columbia University Press Blurb

Text is available in stores, online, or as a PDF here.

Discussion/Reading Schedule

March 25, 2019: Introduction and Chapter 1 “What Is A Concept”

April 8, 2019: Chapter 2 “The Plane of Immanence”

April 22, 2019: Chapter 3 “Conceptual Personae”

May 6, 2019: Chapter 4 “Geophilosophy”

May 20, 2019: Chapter 5 “Functives and Concepts”

June 3, 2019: Chapter 6 “Prospects and Concepts”

June 17, 2019: Chapter 7 “Percept, Affect, and Concept”

July 1, 2019: “Conclusion: From Chaos to the Brain”

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