Accessible Badiou: Ethics

Reading Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil

Every other Monday January 14th through March 11th

6-8 pm

Harold Washington Library

6th Floor North Study Room


From Peter Hallward’s translator’s introduction to this essay:

“Indeed for a general audience, and first published in a popular series of student-friendly engagements with major philosophical topics (time, art, responsibility, individual.), this slender volume provides much the most accessible introduction to Badiou’s admittedly complex and unusual thought.”

Schedule of Readings and Discussions

January 14th: Introduction through Chapter 1 “Does Man Exist?”

January 28th: Chapter 2 “Does the Other Exist” through Chapter 3 “Ethics as Figure of Nihilism”

February 11th: Chapter 4 “The Ethic of Truths”

February 25th: Chapter 5 “The Problem of Evil” Part I (up to but not including Section D Part II titled “Betrayal”)

March 11th: Chapter 5 “The Problem of Evil”: “Betrayal” Section D Part II and Conclusion

The full text is also available here.

Please RSVP for this event:

Critical Theory Chicago discussions focus on the text to better understand the thinkers and concepts that we encounter. When participating in discussions, we ask that you remember to:

  • Participate in good faith
  • Focus on the shared text
  • Listen for understanding


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