What’s So Great About Democracy Anyway?

Democracy in What State?

Reading “Permanent Scandal” by Daniel Bensaid

Monday August 13th 6-8 pm

Harold Washington Library

6th Floor North Study Room


What is it?

Should we still care about it?

This question was posed to the note-worthy thinkers in Democracy in What State? to address modern notions of democracy:

“Is it meaningful, as far as you are concerned, to call oneself a democrat?”

Please join us for a critical discussion about democracy as we meet every other week to discuss a short essay by a thinker from Democracy in What State? We will address an animating concern of the collection: is “democracy,” as historically and typically understood, still a viable form of governance? Is it ultimately “tainted” by the growing power of global capitalism? Or, if it is still viable and valuable, what form must democracy take to realize contemporary aims at freedom and flourishing? All events are free and open to anyone who is interested.

July 30
“Introductory Note on the Concept of Democracy” by Giorgio Agamben and “The Democratic Emblem” by Alain Badiou

August 13
“Permanent Scandal” by Daniel Bensaid

August 27
“We Are All Democrats Now…” by Wendy Brown

September 10
“Finite and Infinite Democracy” by Jean-Luc Nancy

September 24
“Democracies Against Democracy” by Jaques Ranciere

October 8
“Democracy for Sale” by Kristin Ross

October 22
“From Democracy to Divine Violence” by Slavoj Zizek

If you would like to have a PDF version of the text, please contact criticaltheorychicago at gmail dot com.

Please RSVP using the form below or at Meetup.com

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