Marx Seminar – “Das Kapital”

Reading Kapital Part VIII “The So-Called Primitive Accumulation”

Monday June 9th

6-8pm at the Harold Washington Library in the North Study Room

RSVP Via or email

“Production of surplus-value is the absolute law of this mode of production.”

“The relative mass of the industrial reserve-army increases therefore with the potential energy of wealth. But the greater this reserve-army in proportion to the active labour-army, the greater is a mass of a consolidated surplus-population, whose misery is in inverse ratio to its torment of labour. The more extensive, finally, of the lazarus-layers of the working class, and the industrial reserve-army, the greater is official pauperism. This is the absolute general law of capitalist accumulation.”

We finish our long journey through the first volume of Marx’s magnum opus “Capital,” where he seeks “to lay bare the economic law of motion of modern society.”

For our next meeting we cover Part VIII “The So-Called Primitive Accumulation.” This takes us to the end of the work.

“At first Marx critiqued religion philosophically, then he critiqued religion and philosophy politically, and at last he critiqued religion, philosophy, politics, and all other ideologies, economically.” – Karl Lowith

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